July 21, 2024

Historic Unsung Figures Sponsors "Justice for Josie" Documentary Highlighting Forgotten African American Heroine

Grand News Network | March 20, 2024

Historic Unsung Figures is proud to announce its sponsorship of the short documentary "Justice for Josie,” which chronicles the life and legacy of Josefina Catherine Cunningham, a hidden figure in African American history from Rensselaer, New York.

ALBANY, NY, United States, 20th Mar 2024 - "Justice for Josie" aims to bring Josefina Catherine Cunningham's compelling story to the forefront, exploring her contributions to her community and her broader impact on the African American struggle for equality. Despite her considerable influence in the town of Rensselaer during her time, Josefina's story has largely been omitted from the pages of history. Through detailed research and heartfelt interviews with descendants and historians, the documentary intends to honor her memory and place it rightfully within the tapestry of National African American History.

The sponsorship of this documentary is part of Historic Unsung Figures' ongoing mission to unearth and share the rich narratives of those who have shaped history without recognition. It reinforces the company’s dedication to preserving history and inspiring future generations with stories of resilience and courage that have remained untold for far too long.


Key Facts:

- The documentary, "Justice for Josie," is set in Rensselaer, New York, and explores Josefina Catherine Cunningham’s life and her overlooked role in history.

- Historic Unsung Figures sponsor the project as an initiative to educate and connect people with underrepresented stories from African American history.


- The film is part of a broader effort to ensure that significant, yet unrecognized historical figures receive due acknowledgment in today's societal consciousness.


Historic Unsung Figures is a global storytelling company specializing in bringing to light the stories of little-known individuals who have made significant contributions to history. Through publishing books and producing short documentaries, they seek to honor and preserve the legacies of these unsung figures, providing a platform for their stories to ignite recognition, connection, and inspiration across communities and generations.





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